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For many years, some homes or buildings have earned a place in the historical society, due to an event or similar - trauma, war, sickness etc. Some of these places also claim to have ‘Paranormal Activity’ and host their own Ghost Hunting Tour(s).

In a local newspaper, I recently read about a cottage that had ‘some’ paranormal activity. The new owners confirmed the activity by inviting a not-so well-known psychic & Reiki Master to conduct his ‘investigation’ of the premises. After confirmation, the owners set up a Ghost Hunting Tour, where they will teach customers how to use investigation equipment.

My concern on this:

• the previous owners never mentioned activity beforehand, being owners for more than 50 years.

• are the new owners experienced in the equipment themselves?And, why only use certain equipment?

• why can’t we use our own equipment? Like an EMF Meter?

When something has been set up for training purposes, it would make sense for people to bring some of their own equipment - this way they know the equipment isn’t faulty, and neither is the cottage itself. It almost seems like the cottage has been set up to work a certain way, and to only work with their equipment - sounds suspect to me. Especially when the ‘tour’ costs more than a normal admission fee to the movie cinema.

Now days, it’s becoming hard to decipher the difference between what is fake and what is not. There is so much technology out there today, that anything and anywhere could be made to look like there’s ‘Paranormal Activity’ occurring.

To know whether or not a place has been faked, you’d have to check it out for yourself or ask others who have been. Only then, will we know the truth for ourselves, and others if need be.

I think there should be a website that shares information about certain ‘Haunted’ locations. It could show the ratio statistics from individuals or associations who have conducted an investigation - at least there’d be evidence of a haunting and of actual investigations. We don’t have to know what exactly the findings were, just if it was haunted & what type of haunting: intelligent, residual, demon or poltergeist - this could be a warning or training ground for the novice investigator. For the seasoned investigator, it could be a place to train others or somewhere to enlighten your skills and experience - especially if it has been a while since your last investigation.